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Is it possible to obtain a copy (CD) of your first album. I purchased it many years ago when first released. Would love to listen again. Thanks Dan
Dan Morgeson <>
New Castle, IN USA -

Hey Fans, Everybody check out Dennis and the band on the world wide web. A great addition to spread southern rock around the The Hawk
Bobby <>
nashville, tn USA -
Just wanted to say thanks again for coming out and going ahead and playing even though we didn't have much of a turn out 2 weeks ago. We'd love to have you guys come back out next year once we get more established and get the barn finished.
Mike <>
Carrollton, TX USA -
Rock On !
Nashville, TN USA -

Thanks, Ron!  And thanks to everyone else who remembered us on our 31st!

Dennis & Lynda

Happy belated wedding anniversary to Dennis and Lynda Winters! And here's wishing you both many many more. Love you both!
Ron Dunn (Rad)
Murfreesboro, TN USA -

Really enjoy your music!! Look forward to seeing you in concert soon.
Susan Betts <>
Pleasant View, TN USA -
Just want to say congratulations on all your tour dates, wish I could be there with ya'll, but due to circumstances beyond my control.................
Joyce Williams <>
Franklin, Tn USA -
Great show Saturday @ Starwood. Hope Charlie and you guys make this a habit. It was like old time volunteer jams and we need that again.
skydog64 <>
atlanta, ga USA
good luck for today's show. the stampede will overrun the Starwood. ride ride ride george
george <>
Vienna, austria
NEW WBB TOUR DATE : October 2, 2004 : "Rock and Racing " @ the Freshwater Ranch, 300 Bluebird Lane, Huron, TN Also appearing: Michael Buffalo Smith
New Delta Booking <>
Hey everyone, Just wanted to say Hello! Sorry I missed the Jam this year. I had classes and couldn't get away. Tell everyone I love them and that I say HI. Tell Casey to e-mail me. Melissa Winters <>
Jacksonville, Fl USA -
The Winters Brothers Band will Kick off the The Southern Rock Stampede for the Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker & Molly Hatchet At Starwood  Amphitheater on Aug. 28th between 4:30 & 5:00 they will play a 30 min non stop set come early to get a good spot. Grass tickets are $10.59. Hope to see you there. WBB
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
I would like to thank all of you for your continued prayers and concerns for all of our family members who live in Punta Gorda, Florida. I have been on the phone with many of you, our concerned friends, all weekend. As you are all aware, over one-half of our entire family resides in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and Arcadia, Florida. And with more than 50 family members in those areas, we are blessed that none of them were injured in any way. P.S. Aunt Dora is doing just fine. Although most of their homes were damaged in one way or another, at least they are not homeless like so many others in the area. I will try to answer all calls and emails as time permits. Thanks again to all of you and please remember all of the victims of this unfortunate situation in your prayers.
Lynda <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
I may have 2 extra tickets for show on Aug. 28th (3rd row center) . E-MAIL if interested
chris <>
Hendersonville, tn USA -
Press Release: A Southern Rock Stampede to hit Nashville Tennessee. The Winters Brothers Band has been added to open for The Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker Band & Molly Hatchet show at the Starwood Amphitheater Saturday, August 28th in Antioch, TN just south of Nashville. This line up of Southern Rock Veterans is guaranteed to be a fan pleaser and is highly anticipated to be the Southern Rock Event of the year. Ticket info : # 615-255-9600, venue website : New Delta Booking Nashville, TN USA -
new delta booking <>
Please Note: The Promoter of the Southern Rock Fest In Paterson, NY on August 14 & 15 has Canceled the show.
Winters Brothers Band <>
...all the best from singapore.........
george <>
Finally got my cds- they rock, keep it up Dennis!
chris <>
hen, TN USA -
how can i get a cd from 1978. i am having trouble getting one. i would like to hear from donnie or dennis. rock papa winters. love ya chuck curran
chuck curran <>
brentwood, tn USA -
7-24-04, Great show at Cool Springs Harley Davidson! Like the new stuff to, can't wait to get mine(ordered on web).
Chris <>
Hendersonville, TN USA -
Attn: Casey Winters ! Please fill us in on the "SHOW" today in Franklin TN.... Set list ?
Riverton, ct USA -
NEW TOUR DATE : Winters Bros. Band appearing with "38 Special" @ Cattle Annie's in Lynchburg Va on 9/16/04 More Info: Cattle Annie's Restaurant & Entertainment 4009 Murray Place Lynchburg, VA 24502 Phone: 434-846-3206 Hotline: 434-846-3206 Fax: 434-586-3448 Directions: Take 29 to Lynchburg Continue 29 S (Lynchburg Capacity: 1000
new delta booking
nolensville TN , USA -
Dave, It was "2" shows and "4" WBB encores, and 3AM in the morning. Yup- Wild Wild West New York
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
Hey Fife, the "standard fair" at the Belle Star Lodge south of Buffalo for a WBB show were "3" sets, "4" WBB encores, and 3AM in the morning. Yup- What a blast ! DAVE
dave l
Dennis, Mike from Niagara University here. I have been patiently waiting for the next Kick A cd since Southern Rocker. Dave Lefeber told me it is out and I just placed an order...can't wait. Hope all is well; Dave and I tried to get a road trip together last month to try and catch one of your gigs but couldn't make it work (we both have too many kids with too many activities). We are going to make it a point to catch up with you this year. Take care and keep up the good work; Dave and I both look forward to seeing you soon. Michael Fife Alexandria, Va and Niagara University PS - Dennis, remember the Belle Star....what a blast!!
Michael Fife
Alexandria, VA USA -
"The 'Sgt. Pepper's' of Southern Rock"... well, no exaggeration there. You might want to sell "Southwest Stampede" together with another CD player instead of a cover ;-) It has been inhabitating ours for about a week now and does not seem to leave it soon. "When do we ride again?" Well, the "repeat" button is your friend :-) You brought us an extraordinary piece of music... excellent recording as well, great work! Congrats to y'all, and God bless! *Riiide, riiide, riiide...* Anita & Wolfgang
Anita & Wolfgang
Vienna, Austria/Europe -
Rock ON
Niklas <>
Säter, Sweden -
Great Review of SWS @ If you've been looking for a musical journey down the southern rock trail, jump on the Southwest Stampede by The Winters Brothers Band. Released in May, it is both amazing and mesmerizing. Great music, great lyrics. It's one of the classic southern rock albums in my book. It hasn't left my CD player since I got it. Several songs are over six-minutes, so the music is given room to take you on a journey - and what a journey it is. Anyone who loves Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels and the Allmans will thoroughly enjoy this CD. It takes me back to the classic southern rock of the 70's. The sound quality and production are top notch. I promise you won't be disappointed if you treat yourself to this CD - so do yourself a favor and support this great band. It's available at their website, for $15.00, which includes shipping! The stampede starts with the title cut; sound of hooves on the run and the call of "stampede" followed immediately by an infectious Duane Allman influenced guitar riff. The lyrics are a commentary on the relentless pace of modern day life and the need to "close your eyes, go back in time and dream." Some very cool drumming and fiddle fills punctuate the song. The WBB and the Southern Belles! The good-time feel continues with Old Stories about the cow towns that once dominated the Western U.S., their subsequent demise and how you can't stop the march of time or progress. Ride, Ride, Ride takes a dark and haunting turn about a man on the run. Acoustic guitar, electric fiddle and flute are used to great affect to accentuate the lyrics. The lead guitar work is deftly used to underscore the urgency of the situation. One of my favorite cuts on the CD, I find myself cranking it up a few notches every time I play it. The life on the run theme continues with Outlaws and the Lawman. I love the background vocal, provided by Dennis' daughter, Casey, which is reminiscent of early Linda Ronstadt. In between tracks you can hear the creaking of the door and a wood floor, the pace of cowboy boots and the voice of those trying to hide. Very cool. The Outlaw Jam soon follows and features an arena echoing guitar and driving rhythm section. Sax and electric fiddle solos also are highlights of the song. Dennis and the WBB jamming on stage Devil After My Soul, has been re-mastered from an earlier recording, as was A Gun Don't Mind. Both feature Toy Caldwell and Charlie Daniels. Devil is a breezy jaunt that leads you down the trail to Mexico. Cool bass riffs, congas and piano set the pace. What an awesome song... Thunder and rain introduce My Marie, a reflective song about a man who escapes the shackles and chains of the law to run to the woman he loves. Tasty guitar licks provide an evocative outline for the lyric's desperation. Keep On Running continues the desperado's pace and features some guitar work in the vein of early Outlaws. The thirty-three second Whiskey Creek Diddy reminds me of Ry Cooder's work in the film The Long Riders (1980). It segues into A Gun Don't Mind, which cautions that cold steel doesn't care "whose life it should take." Harmonies, soaring guitar and steel guitar make the song take flight. It's a calssic song of the west for sure. Caution to the Wind gallops along to the pace of an acoustic guitar and features searing lead guitar solos and flute trills for emphasis. It's a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti western theme song on Quaaludes - and it captures the song's warning perfectly. The Southern Belles (Casey, Cody and Carly Winters) again add their sweet harmonies. The CD closes with a stellar 15 minute Stampede Jam. The eclectic mix of sax, fiddle and guitar bring the stampede to a climatic finish and leaves you asking, like the cowboys of yesteryear, "when do we ride again?" - Craig Cumberland

Can't wait to see you up here in CT!!!
Dave Parker <>
N. Granby, CT USA -

the jam at the time at the farm and in FL where great. thank you so much dennis and the winters brothers band. a special extra thank you to dennis great wife lynda. hope you're doin' good. all our love george + ceci 5000 miles from home.......
george + ceci <>
Vienna, austria -

YEEHAAA In my CD-Player is the new CD from The Winters Brothers Band. G R E A T ! Thank You,You've done a great Job,Boys. Greetings From Old Germany Steffen.
Cottbus, Germany -

WBB TOUR UPDATE - Aug. 15th, Coca-Cola Southern Rock Festival, Patterson, NY with ARTIMUS PYLE and THE SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL BAND
Mark <>

Again, as usual, this weekend at the Jam was extraordinary. Such a good time of music, food, fellowship, just a downright family affair. Met so many old friends, along with alot of new nice ones. Too bad a year's time is so long to wait. If I ain't at next year's you'll know I've went to that great Jam in the sky. Thanks so much Dennis !
Bobby Booth <>
Nashville, Tn USA -

Looking forward to the show
Debra <>
Nolensville, tn USA -

As soon as we saw the promoter he asked if we could play again after the Tuckers. And of course we were more than happy to help out and play again! The Tuckers headed to the airport, Arizona bound.
Casey Winters
Nolensville, TN USA -

TO THE WINTERS BROS. BAND AND CREW: Just curious as to how the second set came about after the Tuckers (headliner) performed at the Good Evening Ranch in WVA? Sounds like one heck of a show !
ct USA -

I enjoy watching your show and learning how to play better guitar and write better songs. I am looking forward to meeting ya'll this weekend and hope to pick up a few pointers in person while jammin' southern style.
David Bullington <>
Nashville, TN USA -

Davidson County TN, Comcast Channel 19- The Winters Brothers Show TV Schedule; Monday's 6:00pm and 9:30pm, Tuesday's 12noon and 3:30pm and Saturday's @ 8:00pm. Check it out! If you or anyone you know is interested in being a guest on our show, please e-mail: **NEW SOUTHWEST STAMPEDE CD IS NOW AVAILABLE!!**
Casey Winters
Nolensville, TN USA -

Hello all! Well, well! Didn't we have a blast this weekend! The Winters Brothers Band had 4 shows in two days! We opened for Charlie Daniels on Friday and Saturday and then Saturday night we opened up for Marshall Tucker and then played again after the Tuckers! Doug Grey got me, dad and Jamie LaRitz on stage for 'Can't Ya See' and it was great. To all of you in VA and W. VA that were at the shows, thank you so much for your support. We really enjoyed being with all of you this last weekend. Watch the website for tour dates and come and see us when you can. I am VERY excited about this Saturday...THE JAM!!!!! I am the newest member of the Southern Cuzenz, yes, I'm pulling double duty as a Southern Belle as well! The Southern Cuzenz have an awsome show for all of you. I'm so ready to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to Rad, Jamie, Eric, Dad and our road manager/my babe Jeremy. Also, I would like to thank Jimmy, Jimmy Burton, Roger Campbell, Bob Edwards and Jerry Dixon, it was great getting to know you more. Taz, thank you so much for playing with us at the show, it was a blast and it was great to see you! You are all so kind and treated us so well, we really appreciate your kindness.
Casey Winters
Nolensville, TN USA -

Been some time since the WBB took the "highway" up I-81 to VA and WVA for a weekend with Charlie Daniels and the Tuckers. Let's hope they "HAIL TO CHIEF " ! God Bless our beloved President Ronald Reagan!
dave <new delta mgmt >
ct USA -

I wait your next cd arrived in France , listen country rock since 1976 , I hope your new cd very goood , I listen next Marshall tucker band very good Thank you for your music French Fans God, jesus and Mary Bless you all philippe legion of Mary in Versailles
philippe stauff <>
Versailles, FRANCE -
NEW WBB TOUR DATE: The Winters Bros. Band will be appearing with Molly Hatchet at the "Stargazer Amphitheatre" in Madison Indiana on 7/31/04. For more info please contact the Stargazer Amph. @ 812-265-6400 or website: new delta booking
New Delta Booking/ Management <>

Thanks guys for keeping Southern rock alive,,And thanks for keeping the Jam alive. Is there anyone looking in Nash Tn to put a new Southern rock band together?Get in touch with me"""
James Binkley <>
Antioch, Tn USA -
Hi Lynda, Hi Dennis, I'm looking forward to the Summer-Jam. Please reserve five signed "Southwest-Stampede" for my friends and me. Thanks. Jens
Jens C. <>
Germany -
I am so pumped for the 25th anniversary jam, have called in friends from Yankee land to join us in this truly southern event...they will be amazed!!!
Julie <>
Arcadia, FL USA -
I am going to see you on June 12 for the first time and I can not wait
Crystal Settle <>
Fayetteville, WV USA -
NEW WBB TOUR DATE: The Winters Bros. Band will be appearing with the Artimus Pyle Band @ "The Southern Rock Fest" in Patterson NY on 8/15/04. For more info please contact the Patterson Festival Grounds @ 203-746-8587 or website:
new delta booking <>
nolensville , tn USA -
As usual, I am truly honored to be on the 'ticket' again my friends. The show in a couple weeks will launch the next chapter in the Winters Brothers Band legacy. You guys Rock !!! Your brother on the stage...Timothy Blocksom
Timothy Blocksom
Nashville, TN USA -
Man It seems Like Ive Known yall since I was S***ing Yellow!! I guess I about have , ya'll used to hang out with my Neighbors, Rick and David Johnson back in the late 60's and early 70's I guess. I look forward to seeing ya'll in a few weeks. I havnt hardly missed a jam for the last 15 or 18 years it seems like. Look forward to hearing the new music too. Keep on Rockin' Your old friend, Don Lilly
Don Lilly <>
White Bluff, Tn. USA -
Really looking forward to hearing the new album. Thanks especially for using paypal - makes online ordering so easy, though I didn't see any charges listed for shipping. GG&HTF !
Tom Ely <>
Enterprise, AL USA -
The First 100 copy's of SouthWest Stampede will be hand # and Autographed by the Band. It will also come with a 5x8 colored Band pic. This is a web site offer only
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, TN. USA -
NEW WBB TOUR DATE: 6/11/04 Carrington Pavillion, Danville, VA. The Winters Bros. will be opening for the Charlie Daniels Band.
New Delta Booking <>
nolensville , tn USA -
----> great, we have waited long enough.... 1.June 04 Geetings from Austria (Grüße aus Österreich)
near Vienna, Austria/Europe -
***** Congratulations to Kenneth Fenech of Dearborn Hights, MI ***** The fist to buy SouthWest Stampede In the U.S.A. Purchased 5-17-04 at 9:03 pm Thanks for your support
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
***** Congratulations to Per-Erik Larsson of Sweden ***** The fist to buy SouthWest Stampede In Europe Purchased 5-16-04 at 1:58 pm Thanks for your support
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
Hey there from the Crawdaddy band, best of luck to the Winters Brothers band, good to see southern rock being kept alive all over the U.S.
Bryan Williams <>
Gouldsboro, Pa USA -
I've known the "brothers" since the 60's when we'd pick guitars in the back of Swicegoods music store WAYYYY before the boy's were famous. I learned quite a few licks, even back then. Glad the boys are still "alive and well"!! Mike "smootheboy" Boutwell.........
mike Boutwell <>
Beaumont, Tx USA -
PRESS RELEASE: The Winters Brothers Band will take time off from the road to host their 25th Annual Southern Summer Jam, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 19th on the family's farm near Nolensville, Tennessee. The lineup, so far, includes The Timothy Blocksom Band, Mountainellys, Southern Cuzenz, Pickled Beats, Nelly Wilson Band, Salt and the return of the Southern Belles. Acoustic acts include Zack Tucker, Billy Hester, Michael Buffalo Smith and Tommy Crain, Kit Housley, Casey Winters, Ricky Campbell, Hurricane Hearts and more. Lots of added surprises. The annual event draws crowds from around the world and is best known for it's wide variety of music and Ernie's famous BBQ. This year they are also celebrating the release of their new CD "SouthWest Stampede". The CD has already been labeled "The Sergeant Pepper's of Southern Rock" in Europe, and is expected to keep the band on the road throughout most of the summer. For more information go to
New Delta Mgmt
nolensville , tn USA -
Dennis, Plan on seeing you at the JAM and the WEAK LINK reunion. God Bless you all,Danny
Danny Curran <>
mooresville, n.c. USA -
Correction, it was in the late '70s.
Andrea <>
Saw you guys in the '80's in Florida (Sea World) and Ocean City MD. Glad to see you are still kickin'!
Andrea <>
Milford, DE USA -
The 9/24/04 Winters Bros. date has been changed to: " The Freshwater Shrimp Festival", Huron, Tennessee. Time and Special Guests TBA.
New Delta Booking
Can't wait for the jam this year, 25th will be the best yet!!!
Julie Haring <>
Arcadia, FL USA -
NEW WBB TOUR DATES: SHOWS BAND(S) DATE VENUE LOCATION The Marshall Tucker Band Winters Brothers Band 05/01/04 SAT Dogwood Springs Bike Rally Dunmor , KY Winters Brothers Band 06/19/04 WED Southern Summer Jam Nolensville, TN Winters Brothers Band 06/12/04 SAT Good Evening Ranch canvas, WV Winters Brothers Band 06/12/04 SAT Sunshine Daydream Campground (Trip's Farm) Terra Alta, WV Winters Brothers Band 07/24/04 SAT Harley Davidson of Cool Springs Franklin , TN Winters Brothers Band 09/17/04 FRI Isle of Wight County Fair Isle of Wight, VA Winters Brothers Band 09/24/04 FRI Southern Rock Fest Jackson , TN Winters Brothers Band 09/25/04 SAT Steel Horse Stampede
new delta booking
nolensville , tn USA -
i love your music, I still try to catch you on channel 9 What has happened to REAL southern rock? I guess that you all are one of the few left
Mike <>
nashville, Tn USA -
I enjoy your music, I dey here ooooooooooo
Mgbada Guyman <>
I remember meeting the band in a motel in medina played at the 4 fathom,s bar.bobby allen,doug kirby and myself dale b.I still enjoy your music good ole country en guy,s rocked the house that nite still listing.DALE B.
dale barringer <>
Albion, NY, NY USA -
keep cranking the tunes, I have enjoyed everything since ya sang her love songs all night long
capn <>
Sarasota, FL USA -
I have been a fan since the First Album( which I have burned onto a CD) and even saw the band in May 77 in Florida. I hope to make it to Terra Alta WVA for another chance
Jon Gelsdorf <>
Jeannette, Pa USA -
New Winters Bros. Band Tour Date : The WBB will be appearing with "ARS" @ the Isle Wight County Fair, Isle of Wight Virginia on 9/17/04. See for details.
New Delta Booking <>
Nolensville , tn USA -
You have a good site, i enjoyed my stay San Fransisco, CA USA -
NEW WINTERS BROS. TOUR DATES: 5/1: Dogwood Biker Rally, Marshall Tucker Band- WBB, Dunmor Kentucky 8 PM., 6/12 Sunshine Daydreams Campground, Charlie Daniels Band- WBB, Terra Alta, WVA 3:00 PM, 6/12: Good Evening Ranch, Marshall Tucker Band- WBB, Canvas WVA 8:00 PM, 6/19: Winters Bros. Band Southern Summer Jam, 25th Annivesary Show, Nolensville TN ALL DAY/NIGHT, 7/24: Winters Bros. Band, Harley Davidson of Cool Springs, Franklin TN, Time TBA, 9/24: Southern Rock Fest, Winters Bros. Band and Guests TBA, Jackson TN., 9/25 Steelhorse Stampede, 38 Special- WBB, Nashville TN, Time TBA.
new delta booking
nolensville , TN USA -
Hey guys thought I would just say hello. I was in a hotel in Nashville flipin through the channels and something caught my eye. I thought to myself, man that looks a lot like Dennis from the Winetr Brothers band. So I stayed there a while and sure it was. It was so good to hear you sing "Sang her loves". I know you don't remember me. I was the lighting director for the "Marshall Tucker Band" from 74 to 1982. Remember Jack Link, Bob Sexton and myself all from down in Cocoa Florida. Take care guys . Good to see and hear you again.
Randy Read <>
Knoxville, TN USA -
You guys are the nicest folks anyone would want to meet. Let me know when you might be headed this way. Florida needs your music desperately, and so do I. I'll try to catch you when I get to Nashville. In the meantime, keep  rockin on. I love ya. Sincerely, Susan Clark
Susan Thomsen Clark <>
Jacksonville, FL. USA -
Had the chance to attend my first Winters Brothers Jam last summer. Loved every minute of it. I will definitely be back each year.
Barry Owens <>
Rock Island, TN USA
Howdy, When is the big June Jam? Any hints on who might show up? Hope you all are doing fine and keeping up your good music!
Chris <>
Hendersonville, TN USA -

Donnie and Dennis, When are you all going to have your annual jam session. Is it this summer. I don't live very far from your farm. I guess you still live in the same place. Any way I used to go to all of the Volunteer Jams when they had them. I wish Carlie would still have them in Nashville at the Municipal again. That was the fun days. Please let me know when your next concert is in Franklin or where I can come and see you play. Thanks so much for all the memories. Eddie Pratt
Eddie Pratt <>
Franklin, TN USA -
howdy subscribe the WINTERS BROTHERS BAND yahoo list discussion group to chat with WBB fans, get the latest info, see cool pictures and meet great people. george mail to:
george <>
vienna, austria -
Craig: Yup, Tommy was the "glue" which kept the Tuckers together and so tight over the years. Many have said once Tommy passed away, his brother Toy approached his work with MTB in a different light. Looking forward to your Tommy C. tribute page, I'm sure the Winters can provide some very fond memories since they completed several tours with MTB in the 70's.
riverton , ct USA -
I'm putting together a tribute page to Tommy Caldwell and am looking for rare pics and stories from those thet knew or played with him. If you would like to contribute please contact me at Tucker just remastered and re-released all the CDs that Tommy played on and I know he would be proud. We lost him way too soon...
Craig Cumberland <>
Turlock, CA USA -
you guys rock the casbah!
gene wilder <>
nashville, tn USA -
Hello to everyone, just wanting to say "Hi" to all of our fans, and Thank You so much for your support! Good Luck in Huntsville Dad, sorry I couldn't make it but I will be thinking of yall, and have fun!!! Love: Carly
Carly (Southern Belle)
Tn USA -
Have a great show in Huntsville !!
Lynda <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
saw you back in '77 in poughkeepsie,ny with the kicked ass then and i see with 'southern rockers' you're still kickin' ass...any chance of the debut album getting on cd? i made my own from a tape of the vinyl but i'd sure be wanting to get my hands on a pristine remastered cd! ROCK ON BROTHERS!
vaughn <>
greenacres, fl USA -
Today is the 45th Anniversary of the tragic death of "Buddy Holly and Big Boper": "Did you write the book of love, And did you have faith in God above, if the Bible tells you so, Do you believe in rock n roll, Can Music save your mortal soul, Then you can teach me to dance real slow, Well I know that you're in love with him, Cause I saw you dancing in the gym, You both kicked off your shoes, Then I dig those rhythym and blues, I was a lonely teenager broncin buck, With a pink carnation and a pickup truck, but I knew that I was out of luck, The day the music died....................
riverton , ct USA -
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Dennis ! I love you !
Lynda <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
It's great to find you here,have enjoyed your music for decades! Don't worry makes me feel old too. But also proves how good it os to stan the test of time!
I first saw you guys down in wilmington nc opening act for charlie daniels back in the late 70's. You guys were one hell of a band up there with the allmans/tucker boys, it just blew my mind! Maybe a year or so later yall were booked in atlantic beach nc my cousin and I visited you all at the motel room both friday and saturday night you had your cousin with you, big john or big jim (cant remember) we have a new club down here now its in morehead city nc 28557/midnight rodeo come and see us! Keep on pickin! your loyal fan and friend, Garyreb
Gary Pittman <>
atlantic beach, nc USA -
it was always a pleasure to see you gentlemen when you rolled thru the midwest! what a deadly combination: nice guys and great music!
crow carroll <>
peoria, il USA -
I was in the CDB website and I hit the link for the Winters Brothers Band. I've always enjoyed your music.
Rob Aylsworth <>
Attica, NY USA -
I can vouch for Dennis. Dennis Winters is his real name and I sent him here to this website when I found it the other day. Great Website, now I'm interested in hearing some of your tunes.
Jerry Reynolds <>
Rancho Santa Margarita, ca USA -
This is my real name Dennis Winters geat web site
Dennis Winters <>
Beaumont California, Ca USA -
I've been looking for years to get your first album. Been a fan since 1977 & can't find the album anywhere & I mean anywhere, any help would be great. thanks BIGRAZ/
Rich Rzany <crzany@nc>
Clayton, N.C. USA -
howdy and happy hollidays to the WINTERS BROTHERS BAND and the WINTERS FAMILY, to all their friends and fans. 2004 will be the year of the WINTERS BROTHERS BAND. a new (fantastic) album, the SOUTHERN SUMMER JAM 25th anniversary, hopefully a lot of shows and maybe a release of older material. love and peace. george and ceci
george and ceci <>
vienna,, austria -

Was listening to your first record the other day and wondering if you guys were still around. Did the search and here I am. WBB no doubt one of my favorite southern rock bands of all time. In 1978/79, buddy and I went to hear you open for the Good Rats at Colgate College. We stood right in front singing along with all your songs and left before the Good Rats took the stage. Somebody asked us where were going, and we told them we already saw the best band here tonight! Great memories, great music. Thanks!!
Merry Christmas !!
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
I can't wait for the new Winters Brothers CD. Can't tell ya how much I love your music, but y'all know I do! Til the new WBB CD is out I thought ya might like to know that the Tucker Boys have a new vintage live CD out, Stomping Roon Only, featuring the original line-up recorded between '74 - '76. For a review check out the review at: and/or drop by
Craig Cumberland <craig@tuckerhead>
Turlock, CA USA -
I have been looking for you tunes a long time !!! I missed it, and glad I found it !!!!!!
Stevn Gelber <>
Boca Raton, Florida USA -
Good to see you on the web. Sorry to see that your Dad passed away. Write when you get a chance. I see Hard Watson every now and then.
Don Murray <>
Salisbury, MD USA -
New fan alert!!! I was visiting Mike "Buffalo" Smith and spied your CD in his office. Bought it on a whim and love it!
Tom <>
Highspire, PA USA -
YOU GUYS HAVE A SAFE TRIP AND ALL THE BEST FOR TODAYS SHOW. show them, how country boys play rock and roll in southern style. burn the roof, give them hell! i'm with you.
george <SouthernGeorge>
vienna, austria -
Hi, have missed you. Will try and stay abreast of your goings on by checking your web site from time to time. Thanks, William
William R. Martin <>
Bethpage, TN USA

Wow, did not know you guys were still around. How can I get copies of your first album? One of the greatest albums I ever heard growing up. Mark
Mark Miles <>
atlanta, ga USA -

Craig: How is the new STOMPIN ROOM release ? Do you have any audio files up on your site? By the the way Craig manages a great site dedicated to WBB's southern brothers the Marshall Tucker Band. Check out, great stuff including interviews and other info on the best GD guitar player in the world the late Toy Caldwell.
dave l
riverton , ct USA -
The european section of WBB-Fans is also waiting for the new CD! We need the "Southwest Stampede" across the big pond!! In February on CD and on 19th June (I hope) on stage!! (What is going on with a tour through Europe, Dennis?) Jens
Jens <>
Germany -
Just want to wish all you out there a very Happy Thanksgiving today ! Take care ! We love you !
Dennis, Lynda & Family <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
Enjoyed your website! I ran into a band that you should listen to. McGuffey Lane. I also found out that they just released a new cd which would be right up your alley called WOOD. You can check them out at I'm so glad that everyone can still listen to good music from you and the guys you toured's all classic!
columbus, oh USA -
I am looking forward to hearing you all the next time I'm in Nashville.I found a cousin of mine that posted while reading your guest book, that I've yet to meet.Shes a cousin of yours too! :) Small world. Connie
Connie Curry <>
Huntington, WV USA -
Brad, there is another WBB song on their volunteer jam VI album. rich kids, never released somewhere else. contact me in private for a copy. and there is the 25th southern summer jam on June 19th 2004 at the winters farm in Nolensville, TN
george <>
vienna, austria -

Brad .. I've got that volunteer jam double album you speak of and will make you a copy of it if you like.
Ron D, bass player, WBB
Hi guys. I just surfed in. Many greetings. Great site!
Dan C.: I do recall you picking up a black Gibson and jamming with the WBB on "I Can't Help It" @ the Belle Star and several other Shows. At one particular Show in the 70's @ the Belle Star, the WBB took the stage at 1:00 AM and rocked the house until the early morning hours. Two sets !!!!! Extremely fond memories !!!!!!!
riverton, ct USA -
I first heard your wonderful song "Sang Her Love Songs" on Volenteer Jam.I think It was III & IV. It must have been 25 years ago.I had bought the double album and it was an all time favorite.Lost it some how.I've been looking for it for years.The song has been etched into my soul all these years,I just could not remember the name of the band.I recently awoke from a dream with these words in my head."Alright these are soom of our people here,they call themselves The Winters Brothers."Those are the words Charlie Daniels said to intro your band.I found your web site tonight and ordered your CD.Thank God your still around and thank God for "Sang Her Love Songs" A greatful fan. Brad B. 10/06/2003.
Brad <>
Port Charlotte, Fla. USA -
I have many memories of the Belle Starr, those were some of the good old days working with the W.B.B. God bless you all we still love you after all these years. Thanks Danny
Danny Curran <>
Lincolnton, N.C. USA -
george + ceci <>
vienna, austria -
Dave, I remember the Belle Star but never saw the Winter Brothers there. I saw them at the old — and I mean old — Century Theater in downtown Buffalo. Those were the days.
Happy 30th Anniversary Dennis and Lynda !!
A Fan
Marty: Ever catch the WBB at the Belle Star Lodge in the Boston Hills (south of Buffalo) back in the 70's......Yup, the stage did melt on those cold witner nights in WNY , then the drive home in the snow....... Great memories..
niagara university alum, ny USA -
I saw the Winter Brothers in 1977 with the Marshall Tucker Band on a cold February night in Buffalo. (Still have the ticket stub.) The heat from that show nearly melted all our snow. I would love to have that first album on CD. The new release will be a welcome addition to my music collection. Keep up the great playing! From a Northern Boy, but a true Southern Rocker.
Marty Haumesser <>
Buffalo, NY USA -
i love your charity work. thank you much.
george <>
vienna, Austria -
Just wanted to say Thank You to the WBB and the hundreds of other poeple who made a donation to the Kiersten Johnson Fund Raiser.She is a very sick 7 year old little girl,who has Cystic fibrosis.The benefit was held at Busters in the Boro on Sept.20.Thanks to all of you out there we were able to raise $33,000 to help this family with mounting medical bills.
Lawanda <>
College grove, TN USA -
I saw you guys 20 some years ago, and you rocked.I can't wait to get my hands on the CD,s.
Johnny Sacco
San Diego, CA USA -
We must be related. I have folks all over north west Tenn. starting in Robertson county.
Marvin D. Winters <>
Colorado Sprins, CO USA -
Hi this is Carly (one of the Southern Belles). Just wanting to say God Bless to every one who lost someone 2years ago on this horrible, horrible day, my prayers are with you all! And BIG BIG THANKS to all of the W.B.B. fans, it's b/c of yall that we are who we are, hope to see most of you at our next show!!!!
tn USA -
we love the winters brothers band and we hate this spam here. please ignore all the spamm. don't klick on it, they will spam you too. thank you lynda for delate. love from vienna, austria george and ceci
george + ceci <>
vienna, Austria -
Hey Everybody....Is anyone taping the WBB TV shows??? I'm hunting the one with The South of Heaven Band from the 2002 Jam. Be glad to trade (got a huge collection of Southern Rock shows on VHS) or for blanks and postage. Thanks and take care, PS. Hey a band for your '04 show. The Frank Pilgrim Band. Killer Southern Rock & Outlaw Country. His site's
Joe (Skydog) Clem <>
Laurens, SC USA -
Nice site - nice music! Greetings from Austria
Austria -
Dennis: I just wanted to thank you again here on the website for the opportunity to be on the TV show. You put me at ease and were so genuinely helpful. Thanks, hope to see you in October. Kit
Kit Housley
Nice site. Also enjoy catching you on the tube when I can. Keep it up!
Big Al <>
Antioch, Tn USA -
hey guys, just wanted to let you know i love the music and watch your show whenever i see it on....good stuff good stuff... dennis, i actually met one of your daughters out in Nolensville at some party and didn't realize it was your daughter.... you guys are good people and keep it up.... have a good one, rick
rick holland <>
Nashville, tn USA -
Steve Miller played a "mean" Hammond B3, one of the best in the business. I always enjoyed his riffs and unique stage personality...... One of Miller's best tunes is "Kill the Pain" off I think GS's 3rd album..... great song !
riverton , ct USA -
The Winters Brothers Band would like to send our Prayers to Steve Miller & family. Steve passed away 8-17-03 at his home in FL. We shared the stage for years with Steve when he played with GrinderSwitch. He was a good man, an old friend and he will always be in our hearts
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, Tn., USA -
The Winters Brothers Band would like to send our Prayers to Steve Miller & family. Steve passed away 8-17-03 at his home in FL. We shared the stage for years with Steve when he played with GrindeSwitch. He was a good man, an old friend and he will always be in our hearts
Winters Brothers Band <>
Nolensville, Tn., USA -
I enjoy hearin' all the songwriters. Really inspiring and makes me so proud to call Nashville my home.
Ray Giles <>
Nashville, TN USA -
This website is for the fans and friends of The Winters Brothers Band. We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are sorry for all of the spam that is being continuously posted on our site. We try to stay constant in our removal of such items as quickly as possible. Please DO NOT attempt to view those sites. Thanks for your support.
Lynda <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
congrats on landing fred satterfield. he has been my hero since i first heard him with oaks in 1981. would love to be able to contact him and let him know how following his style has shaped mine over the last twenty years!
ken upright <n/a>
kannapolis, nc USA -
Looking for Winters Brothers music with original recordings, Sang Her Love Songs, I Can't Help It, Misty Mountain Morning, etc. Keep Rockin'!!!
Larry Nichols <>
Lynnville, TN USA -
The Winters Brothers Band will perform at Harley Davidson Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee on Saturday July 26, 2003 from 7 - 9 pm. Be there !!!
Fan <>
Franklin, TN USA -

just wondering who the pretty chic was on public access on wednesday nite...and can she play keyboards
suprex <>
nashville, tn USA -
Would like more information on memorablia and products etc.Can you send brochure to above address if possible.
Eugene Winters <Eugene@>
London., United KingdomWw -
It was my first trip to the States. I had a great time in Nolensville on the Winters-Farm. Thanks for the warm welcome, Lynda and Dennis! Also the whole family! The summer-jam will be unforgettable for me!! Thanks to Ed King, Winters-Brothers and all the other musicicans!! Hope to see you next year (without Tattoos, Dennis)!! Jens
Jens <>
Hamburg, Germany -
howdy y'awll. back in austria (but not back home) i would love to send a big THANK YOU to all at the southern summer jam. to all the musicians for the great jams they give us, special thanks to the southern couzinz, mr. ed king (better than ever) and to barry lee harwood (this man must be back on stage) and also the the winters brothers band and the winters family for their great music and their fantastic hospitality (you showed my friend jens the best side of the USA) and to all my longtime and new friends. the days in nolensville where allways my best days of the year. i'll be back in beautiful tennessee in august (with my wife ceci) and i hope to see you all again. everybody who didn't make it to the jam this year, you missed a great, historic event, try to be there next year (the aturday before fathers day) for the 25th anniversary with a few big surprises. i love you all. george
george <>
vienna, austria -
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have been fans of you guys since 1979:I have the first Album(White one) and the Southern Rockers CD..Both great> Saw you open for Charlie back in the early years...would love to see you tour Schedule?
1&1 DSL
Always have enjoyed the music, wish I still had the cassette tapes from the old Volunteer Jam appearances. Lost them in a bitter girlfriend split twenty odd years ago. Keep Rockin!
I and then my girlfiend first hear "Sang Her Love Songs" on the Charlie Danials Band (Volenteer Jams Iv), Back when we were dating. We have known each other for 22 Years. We love that song but could not find the album.
Sean P. Donegan <>
Homer Glen, Il. USA -
INFO ON "NEW" WBB DATES: WBB will be performing at the Harley Davidson of Cool Springs in Franklin TN, JULY 26th- @ 7-9PM and on AUGUST 15th 5-7PM. For more info contact HD @ 615-771-7735 or
tn USA -
To Donnie...I had a blast yakkin with ya at the Jam...felt nothing but pure good will and good music the whole time. Would be honored to sit in with you on the cable access show if there is ever a slot open. was a busy man on the day of the jam so we didn't get to talk...wha an awesome LesPaul you pulled out to pick on man...very nice wood in that plank ! ! ! I look forward to doing it again next year ! ! ! FINGERS THAT FLY...STRINGS THAT CRY ! ! !
Dave Anderson <>
Hendersonville, TN USA -
THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME AT THE WBB Jam and it won't be my last. I cannot remember the last time I heard so much great music and such phenominal musicianship in one evening. The Southern Belles were great but I wish their mikes had been turned up more as you could barely hear them. They reminded of the Honkettes from the original Lynyrd Skynyrd. I hope someday to find all your albums CD I also hope you all come to the Cincinnati area sometime. I would love to see you and Dallas Moore and the Snatch Wranglers on the same show. Alydar
Alydar <>
Highland Heights, KY USA -
What a great show. I want to thank the Winters Family for their, gracious hospitality. Wonderful seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
Patti Waner <>
chicago, il USA -
I have just about wore out there first album. Looking for it on CD. Any help.
David Minor <>
Syracuse, NY USA -
Hi Dennis, Thanks very much for the fantastic weekend at you "Southern Jam 2003." "The Winters Brothers Band" is still the best southen rock band around. The day was filled with great talent and great people both on and off the stage. We plan to make your jam an annual trip. Thanks again. John Ryan, Manager, "The Dublin City Ramblers."
John Ryan <>
Dublin, Ireland -
Loved the jam this year, rained, but who cared, the music was great!!!! Denny and Ryan's band was awesome!!! Can't wait until next year!!!
Julie Haring <>
Arcadia, FL USA -
Keep up this great resource. I bookmark your site, best greetings
cheap flights airline tickets <>
USA, none USA -
Thanks to Dennis, Don, and everyone involved with the Winters Brothers Jam 2003. I had a great time and hope to return next year. It was a pleasure meeting everyone at Logan's Roadhouse, and a thrill to finally get an Ed King autograph on a guitar. Ed proved once again why he has always been one of my absolute favorite guitarists. It was also good to see Chris Patterson, who I met in Macon while I was going to school there. Chris has the Duane Allman sound down. Great to see you again buddy. Thanks to all of my friends from the ARS Champagne Jam e-group who made it to the show. It's always great to see all of you. Michael Buffalo Smith, great to meet you, and I love the Gritz magazine. Keep up the good work. Dennis should be very proud of his beautiful daughters, the Southern Belles, and I know he is. Hope to see you all again soon. Oh yeah, an extra special thank you to Southern George Peisch for turning me on to the Winters Brothers. George is the ultimate Southern Rock fan, and I'm honored to call him a friend of mine. Bob Blevins
Bob Blevins <>
Rossville, GA USA -
Hello! Came from New York for the summer jam...was such a pleasure. Tried to join your web site to say hello to everyone, but can't connect for some reason. I want to thank everyone for the kindness and hospitality. I'm looking forward to the 25th jam next year! This year was definately a memory to cherish. Miss everyone!!! Take care, God bless, Love, June.
June Haegele <>
Batavia, NY USA -
Absolutely one of the greatest events I have ever attended. So laid back, down to earth, family atmosphere. Gonna bring my Outlaw buddies next year for sure. Thanks for the great time, Dennis. Papa was proud, I'm sure ! God Bless. See ya at Coolsprings next month. God Bless and keep jammin'
Bobby Booth <>
Dickson, Tn USA -
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What a great time!! The WBB is more than a southern rock band, they are a great family full of tremendous talent!!!!!! It has been a long time since I have met such kind and warm people full of southern hospitality. The "Southern Belles" are the cutest things with great voices. Meeting up with my friends from the CJ group and meeting new friends from NY made the weekend so special. I will definately be back next year for the 25th year celebration and I hope to bring more people from Oklahoma to witness this incredible event!! Words could not explain the emotions of the crowd when Ed King and the WBB took us back to younger years with the songs from Skynrd!! TRULY TRULY A WEEKEND I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER! Thanks again and God Bless has blessed all of you! the WBB
Rene Punch
Collinsville, Ok USA -
Thanks to all the performers and "fans in the field" who came out to be a part of a very special afternoon and evening of music at this year's jam. Personally I'd like to thank Ed King, Barry Harwood and Donnie Winters (as well as Dennis and my fellow WBB bandmates) for making my time on stage one of the most memorable ever. - Ron "Rad" Dunn, bass player, WBB
Ron Dunn
Murfreesboro, TN USA -
NEW DATES: The WBB will be performing at the "Harley Davidson of Cool Springs" in Franklin TN on "7/27 and 8/15." HD of Cool Springs is located at 7128, S. Springs Rd. Telephone: 615-771-7735 and or email:
I just wasn't prepared; no umbrella, no food or drink, no camera, no chairs (And I brought a date with me! I know she was impressed). But mostly I wasn't prepared for your incredible music and just a super-incredible show! (Now she was impressed! :>) We were just blown away by the tremendous evening it turned out to be, and met several great people. Thanks to everyone on stage and those behind-the-lines. We stayed to the very very end! And great JAM signs!!!!! One question: Is it the same performers every year? This was my first time. Was wondering if Lori Lee will be part of the show next year. We were amazed by her performance and had the privilege of meeting her after the show. She's awesome. Thanks to all. Wylie and Judy.
Wylie Hudson <>
Nashville, TN USA -
Great show last night !! come see the hogstomp this weekend
Lawanda <>
College Grove, Tn USA -
Dennis, Well, in just a few short hrs, you guys will be jammin like crazy at your annual WBB event. Wish I could be there this time, like last yr. My son, Mike and I really enjoyed it there, playing frisbee on your lawn, meeting you again (from the Tuscon fiasco, remember??), getting to meet Southern George, Buffalo, etc. I guess my friends I brought last yr will be there again, along with a few Outlaws website folks- so break a leg. I know your dad will be smilin down, singing along with you again this yr. Give me a shout when you get a chance. Rick in Phoenix
Rick Miller <>
Phoenix, AZ USA -
Always have enjoyed the music, wish I still had the cassette tapes from the old Volunteer Jam appearances. Lost them in a bitter girlfriend split twenty odd years ago. Keep Rockin!
D. Alex Sullivan < >
Guys I am looking forward to the jam this weekend! Thank you for letting me play again. It's quite an honor. Love y'all!
Michael Buffalo Smith <>
Greenville, SC USA -
would like directions to the jam in june if it not pass, sound like it would be fun to attend.
jason <>
nash, tn USA -
counting the days,southland want's to thank you for your southern jam.we are ready for the road,stage and most of all the winters bros.hope to jam with you uncle dennis.see you soon.
JP <>
punta gorda, fl. USA -
can't wait, see you there
Sheila Rhea & Jeff Freeman <>
franklin, tn USA -
hope to be at the jam. do you know of any rv sites nearby?
gary burton <>
warner robins, ga USA -
I used to listen to your album in the late 70's while living in Jackson, TN. It got stolen however. Shotgun Rider was my favorite I think. Glad to see you're still rockin'! Out of the blue I did a search for your name and here I am...I would love to hear and see you live. Thanks for your music.
Rick Hicks <>
Mt.Vernon, IL USA -
Hello again friends! Hi Dennis! I've had the cd for a little while and listen to it all the time. I just found the first LP at my friend's record store in mint condition on the ATCO label! What a great album (includes the studio version of Sang Her Love Songs). Is this record rare? I wish more people still appreciated great country/southern rock like the WBB.
Stephanie <>
Royal Palm Beach, FL USA -
WBB keeps on getting it done. The real Southern Rockers, the survivors, you all are the best. Been trying to get you up here to Virginia, won't quit'til we get it done. Rock and roll really needs you guys, I'll be down to Nolansville for the jam in June. It's great Ed King's sitting in with you all. When's Stampede coming out on cd, and the early albums? I definantly want to add 'em to my collection and replace the lp's from the 70's. Lemme know.
Jon Ingle <>
Spotsylvania, va USA -
hey dennis and donny rememeber me from atlantic beach nc im sorry about your dad he was always so nice to me when i would call when in nashville hows it going hope all is well drop me a line or email me at this addressif you get this let me know how you are and hows the career going you boys probobly done forgot this oleboy but i can still play the shit out my 57 precision bass ha ha hope to hear from you guys
charlie smith <medward 876>
elon college , nc USA -
Looks like a great line-up as usual! I cant wait! I know it will be lots of fun like every year!
Gale <>
Columbia, Tn USA -
Just happened on your site. I worked at the Kroger on Nolensville Rd for years and used to talk to your Dad often. He always had the time to talk to me. He was a great friend and I miss him. Also, I remember when Jackie used to work the cigarette cases. Hope she's doing well. Take Care & continued good luck to you and yours. Dale
Dale <>
Nashville, TN USA -
the time is drawing near for this year's jam and I am ready and can't wait. can't wait to see and have fun with everyone
bobby booth <>
nashville, tn USA -
Hi Dennis, Thank you for the invite to your "Southern Jam 2003." You guys are the best Southern Rockers I have seen. And I've seen them all. See you in June. John Ryan, Manager, "The Dublin City Ramblers."
John Ryan <>
Dublin, Ireland -
I allready have my tiket and the rental car is booked, so i am ready to take off and fly over the big pond and party at the jam! i'm looking forward to see you all again! just a few more days and i'll be back home. hopefully the storm don't hurt you. stay safe. i am with you. all my love george, from vienna, austria.
george <>
Vienna, austria -
Hello to the Winter Bros.and a special hello to Fred Satterfield.It's good to see ya'll still rockin'. Fred , I'm the bass player from The Beards. We did a couple of sessions together on RB's songs. Please contact me if you can. It would be great to hear from you !
Jim Gaines <>
Evansville, IN USA -
For those of you whom may not know it, Barry Lee Harwood is a former member of the Rossington-Collins Band (LS).
dave <>
Nashville , tn USA -
The Winters Brothers Band will host The Annual Southern Summer Jam on Saturday June 14, 2003 in Nolensville. Line-up released soon ! Be there !
WBB <>
Nolensville, TN USA -
Very nice website! Hello from Barrylee (Harwood). We have June 14th marked on our calendar to join everyone in Tennessee for the jam. See ya then!!
MizzGrizz <>
Jacksonville, FL USA -
Looking forward to the jam this year......I know you guys will rock the hills!!!!!
Julie Haring <>
Arcadia, FL USA -
Hello! I'm a young southern rock fan, and just discovered the WBB on the Vol. Jams Vol. IV. I've played Sang Her Love Songs over and over. Can I still buy your cd here? I'd love to see some re-issues. This is a great site, and I look forward to learning more about the band here.
Stephanie Carta <>
Royal Palm Beach, FL USA -
I just discovered your site and really enjoyed it. I also enjoy the jam in June. Missed it last year, but I plan on being there this year.
Sandy Daens/Marty Robbins Fan Club <>
Pleasant View, TN USA -
I enjoyed the website.
Carolyn Barker <>
Sidney, OH USA -
I'm the wife of Donald Winters, who also has two brothers and all grew up on country music.No singing,yodeling or bands. Just wondered if there was a long ago connection to the family tree. Best of luck in your endeavors.
Pam Winters <>
Liberty, USA -
I didn't know you two had a website. Famous people often do, I guess. Anyway, it looks great. Oh, and one more thing...remember me, Donnie?
John H. <>
Murfreesboro, TN USA -
Nice site! I like it!
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Winters on the birth of their 4th grandchild !!!!!!!
New Delta Mgmt/Booking <>
Have been fans of you guys since 1979:I have the first Album(White one) and the Southern Rockers CD..Both great> Saw you open for Charlie back in the early years...would love to see you tour Schedule?
Ron Blake <>
Dublin , oh USA -
Donnie & Dennis , It's been a long time since Boy Scouts at St, Edwards or the Exit Inn gigs, you guys inspired me to keep playing music at an early age , so I'm still a week-end warrior playing the local American Legions , Elks , and Moose Lodge's . I was so sorry to hear about your dad , I know he would be pleased to see you are still involved in his love of music. Keep the faith . Robert
Robert Kinsall <>
Antioch 37013, tn. USA -
Thanks for CD.
Donnie Anderson <>
Kingston Springs , Tn USA -
Hey Donnie, remember coming to Kingston Springs to our "Well House Jam" you came with Gilbert Creech. Hope to see you in Nashville in April. Southern Rock still Rocks.
Gigi Dawson / Donnie Anderson <>
Kingston Springs , Tn USA -
was in radio("Natural 97 FM-WLBJ- FM) in the 70s-early 80s in Bowling Green,KY & remember you guys @ Caribou Lounge & the Brass A Saloon many fact, I M.C.-ed many of your gigs there....good to see youre still around!
Jay Preston <>
Springfield, TN USA -
Great job! I am impressed :-)
dsl boy <>
Only 110 more days until The Annual Southern Summer Jam ! I'll be there, with all my rowdy friends ! Rock on, Winters Brothers!!!
Franklin, TN USA -
will the band be coming north this year?
vinny mattessino <>
cold spring , ny USA -
add to your link. <>
punta gorda, fl USA -
WBB announces NEW TOUR DATES: 4/25/03 @ Windows On the Cumberland, Nashville TN, 4/26/03 @ Shakedown Street, Cartersville, GA, 6/14/03 @ Southern Summer Jam, Nolensville TN- Special Guest: "Ed King." *Details forthcoming on all Shows.
WBB <>
Nolensville, CT USA -
I love your page! Greetings from England. (variacii Germany)
Samantha Williams <>
USA, none USA -
you guys rule!!
chattanooga, tn USA -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS ! we have a special drink on you tonight. all our love. your fiends and fans in austria george & ceci just 132 more days to the JAM !!! i'll be there.
george and ceci <>
vienna, austria -
flipping through the channels couple months ago i saw the girls you perform with, and that caught my eye, but then the music caught my ears. :) you guys rock
Chase Lindsey <>
nashville, tn USA -
I actually have two copies of the first album. Guess now they are both worn equally, out. Like others in the guestbook I would hope someday to own the release on remastered compact disc. I did see the band once in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at the Fifth Seasons Festival in the late 70's. Thank God they were on early or I wouldn't have remembered them live. "Shotgun Rider" always did it for me. I 've been ridin that stage for many years now. Hope to see you again sometime. Cheers, ZtF
Zeke the Freak <>
forest grove, oregon USA -
Sounds like the Feb. 7th show with Ed King and Artimus Pyle has been moved to Jake's Roadhouse on Lawrenceville Hwy. in Decatur, Ga. I hope to see you there. If not, I'll break a leg for the next annual jam. From all of the people at the Atlanta Rhythm Section e-group, A VERY HEARTFELT THANK YOU to The Winters Brothers Band. Can't wait to meet you.
Bob Blevins <>
Rossville, Ga USA -
great music icant find nothing on cd here in amsterdam thanks gerrit
gerrit talsma <>
amsterdam, nederlanland -
Hi there! For me, your album 'Winters Brothers Band (1976)' is the best Southern Rock album of all times. When will it be available on CD. Also, I know of your second album 'Coast To Coast (1977', which was never released. Please try everything to make it available to all the lovers of Southern Rock!! Thanks, Silvio.
Silvio Schulze <>
Bremen, HB GERMANY -
Casey, first of all, thanks for signing my guestbook (Helen's Marty Robbins Web Site). I hope you liked your visit. I posted the sad news of Don's passing. It was a real blow to a wonderful memory....the years that he gave us with Martin is and always will be a treasure. I always enjoyed it when Martin would turn the mike over to Don and he would do a yodeling song....I especially loved Cattle Call.....better than Eddy Arnolds! Don and Martin were so much fun see Don break up with Martin's antics was worth the price of an admission....their beautiful music was icing on the cake (as was the voice of Bobby). I spoke with Don on the phone many times. During one of these conversations, he gave me the little story of how Martin cut off the legs of his pants (it's posted on the site). Don said he didn't write well and it would be easier to do over the phone. He had promised me two or three other little stories but we just never got around to it. We talked pretty often and he was a delight and wonderful gentleman. He, Martin and Bobby seemed a part of our families, as I'm sure that the fans felt the same way. It's been a while now, but please accept my late condolences. I sometimes talked to, I think, a stepson, when I called him. Please take care and my very best to you and yours, Helen
Helen <>
Looking forward to hearing your band live on February 7th in Macon, Georgia. I am a member of the Champagne Jammers - ARS site along with Patti, Gail, Marc, Jep and Southern George. Thanks for your participation, we hope to make you feel like part of the family.
Rene Punch <>
Tulsa, Ok USA -
Southern George sent me.. He's a friend from the ARS egroup.
Bob Blevins <>
Rossville, GA USA -
howdy winters brothers band and family. we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year with love and peace for all of you, no more trouble and pain and a lot of shows, the release of your new album and a great jam. we love you and we're lookin' forward to see you all again in june and hopefully in austria. god bless you all and the farm. your friends and fans in austria george and ceci
george and ceci <>
vienna, austria -
I am so glad to see you guys are still around. The first time I saw The Winters was at Crystal Lake with CDB and I think The Earl Scruggs Review was on the same ticket. This was back in the middle to late 70's.At that time I became a big fan and I still have all the albums and am so glad to see that you are still working and hurry with the albums being released on CD.
Craig Smith <>
Thomasville, GA USA -
You all a very happy and peacefull Christmas and a successfull new year.I love you`r Music.
Steffen Kretzschmar <>
Cottbus, Old Germany -
Hi there. I just thought I'd come by your site and say that you sound like a great group and I love your pictures! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Aloha! ~Abikee~
Abikee <>
Kailua Kona, HI USA -
this is too cool...just typed in ur name to see what would whappen and there u r....i was a big fan longggg time ago...and i still listen to ur stuff on my old cassette tapes i made 20 years ago...saw u open a few volunteer jams...caught u one nite in memphis..prolly 1980 some lil dive ...great to see ur still alive and kickin
dave luigs <>
homewood, il USA -
Just checking out the site of my all time fav. southern rock band! Looks great! Hope everyone has a wonderful Hoilday. God Bless Papa Don!! We love you!!
Thank you for your music and special greetings to our special friend Southern George. Peace - Uwe and Mia Gladasch, Munich Germany
Uwe Gladasch <>
Munich, Germany -
howdy brothers. can't wait for your new release. love your jammin'. love george
george <>
vienna, wien austria -
Brothers, love the boogie rock, last of the real southern rockers, keep gettin'it on the stage! Got latest CD ordered, how can we get the first three releases? Can you get Dru Lombar back in action playing the good stuff with ya?Ya'll are the last of the great Southern rockers, the real Mccoys!UNITE!
Jon Ingle <>
Fredericksburg, Virginia USA -
Ya'll are the last of the real southern rockers, never quit. Been diggin' the sound since the seventies, how'd you guys survive? Skynyrd, Allmans, Grinderswitch, Tucker, they all fell, carry on brothers, now you are the best!
Jon Ingle <>
Fredericksburg, Va USA -
Hello to all you Winters'. This is Sandy's (Turner) daughter.I'd like ya'll to know what a positive impact you had on my childhood. Lot's of cool and awesome memories were made for me with your family. Thanks for all of them,and the music you left in my soul....Wish I could give my kids those kinds of days,,and nights!! Love ya'll
April T. Peterson <>
Kernersville, NC USA - has been upgraded to newer, more robust servers. Visit to get reliable web hosting today!
J-Net Web Consulting <>
Lebanon, TN USA -
i wish i could have made the jam.and uncle dons funeral.its been a rough year god bless us you guys so will see me resurrect.southern by god.
j.p. <>
p.g., fl. USA -
i need ajob i play guitar and smoke a harp schooled by the best i am southern rock
james harpin hoover <>
puntagorda, fl USA -
i would like to thank the winter brothers and all involved in the summer jam and for inviting us (the south of heaven band) down to play you all made us the band and thier famalies fell very welcome in nollensville tenn.we had a great time and are very much looking forward to doing it again call any time yall wanna jam agaiun and thanks to tommy crane from charlie daniels band for the advise and help;;god bless papa don i hope that the heavens have found their treasure they let the earth use could be the good lord likes a little pickin too.. ill see ya in heaven my friend
michael delawder <>
coal grove, oh USA -
Hello, Was so glad to find your site and find out that you all are doing so well. I am in Pulaski now, not North Carolina, have been working at Martin Methodist College for 9 years as Assistant Registrar. I hope Linda and Paula are well, I think about you all often and miss all the good times we used to have. I am hoping to be able to come to Cool Springs Friday. Congratulations on your continuing success. Sandy
Sandy Turner Craven <>
Pulaski, TN USA -
Long time no hear! Hope to see ya "live" some time real soon! Found your website via CDB link. Keep on Keepin' on!
Keith Everett <>
Cumming, GA USA -
This for all young white girls and for Casey Winters also go to are new website and make sure the other 2 girls are on the show also check out are website and sign are guestbook. I really like watching your show and remember I want see all 3 of yall girls wearing your open toe terry slippers on the tv show ok yall can wear any cool clothes on socks on and sockings on with the cool open toe terry slippers on ok and drive no seatbelt with yall cool open toe terry slippers on ok and have fun. Thank You.
Johnelle Livingston <>
Nashville, TN USA -
Thanks for keeping your music alive. I really enjoy your music!
Kim Sandvig <>
Nashville, TN USA -
Hi Dennis - so sorry to hear of your loss. Your Dad was a great guy. I really enjoyed visitng with him backstage in Arizona. He was such a class act. God Bless.
Turlock, CA USA -
good luck for your show today. show them how country boys can rock and roll. i am with you in spirit. george
george <>
vienna, austria -
Don winters was one of the greatest and best man i ever meet. a real southern gentleman. now he has no more pain and is together again with his wife. i wanna say thank you to the winters family and specialy to his son dennis winters, for having him home at the farm, at his house and be around him all the time. i am sure, he has a lot of fun with his old buddies, Matry Robbins and Waylon Jennings. i miss him. gob bless him and god bless the Winters Brothers band and the Winters family. your friend and fan in austria george
george <>
vienna, austria -
I am saddened to hear of Poppa Don's passing please extend my sincere sympathy to the family from my family.We had alot of laughs and good times and I will remember him always,Love from a Brother,Pinky
Wayne Pinkleton (Pinky) <>
charleston, sc USA -
In Memory of Mr. Winters: Very simply stated, his two sons created and still "ARE" one of the best southern rock bands ever!!!!
dave l <>
riverton, ct USA -
For a beautiful, beautiful man!! It broke our hears to lose him, but he did not go alone. For part of us went with him on the day GOD called him home... All My Love to you all.. Trudy
Trudy <>
Punta Gorda, Fl USA -
Dear Dennis and the Winters family, We want to express our sympathy to you and your family over the loss of your Dad. We were honored to meet him and play on the same stage during this year's Jam. Sharing the stage with such a great musician and seeing the smile on his face as he performed will remain as one of our most precious memories. Thank you for the opportunity. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. The South of Heaven Band and Joe & Sherri Clem (Skydog Music)
The South of Heaven Band & Skydog Music <>
Ashland, KY USA -
You have no idea how happy I am to find this site. I had the priveledge of meeting the Winters Brothers and Grinderswitch in Hartford back in the late 70's!!! Dennis and Donnie Rule!!!!!!!!
Brian Ask <>
Lindenhurst , IL USA -
Just wanted to let you know I found your website and to give you our e-mail address, please write us when you can. We are tore up about your father. Katz is taking it really hard and he always was a doll to me. We are so sorry and our thoughts are with y'all. He worshipped all his kids. OXO Peggy and Katz
Peggy and Katz Kobayashi <>
It was with great sadness that I said goodbye to Papa Don back on August 17. But there was also a joy in knowing that he and Joyce were reunited again, as well as the heavenly cowboy music he and Marty must be making right about now. I lost a friend, a mentor, a bandmate and a roommate on the road. "Don, is that your prescription or mine?" See ya down the road my friend.
Rad <>
Murfreesboro, TN USA -
don winters was my aunt mary's brother. he will be missed
peggy tucker elwerr <>
houston, tx USA -
I'm one of Papa Don's grandaughters & of coarse niece to the Winters Bros. Just thought I'd add my name to the guestbook of, in my opinion, one of the greatest Southern Rock groups of all time. And of coarse there's my grandaddy, Don Winters "The Yodeling King". (That says it all!) God Bless!
Donna Jo Winters <>
Chapel Hill , TN USA -
Southern Rock will always be alive and well! Life can change in the blink of an eye, but Southern Rock is music in your soul ..... always and forever! De Lois (JR)
De Lois Livermore <>
Jacksonville, FL USA -
I found this site through a frynd glad to of found it, a nice place to visit... Southern music is great for the soul.. ruby..
pa USA -
I send my condolences. Your uncle is not here, but is still here in spirit. I send this thought, "Keep Uncle Don in your thoughts and prayers, he is looking down and smiling on his extended family" I did not know Don, but Don Zimmerman told me about him, and he must have been a wonderful musician. I would have liked to know Uncle Don. I wish the Winters Brothers Band the best in the future. Signed a friend.
Eagleville, TN USA -
Hello Dennis and all associated with this year's Jam. South of Heaven and Skydog Music want to thank you all for your hospitality, help and support. We were honored to play and hope everyone enjoyed our set. It was a tremendous thrill to meet Mr. Winters, Sr and we wish him the best. Everyone stay safe and hope to see you all next year. The South of Heaven Band & Skydog Music
The South of Heaven Band <>
Ashland, KY USA -
howdy from vienna, austria. great to see the geustbook is back up. i just wanna let you all know, this years jam was fantastic. starting with a great performance of tracey janelle, we hear a lot of great music.from michael b. smith, zack tucker, dennis winters did an acoustic part with his daughter casey, the south of heaven band, the lava girls,and many more. the highlight was papa don winters. he rocks his soul out with doin' 'revival' by the allmann brothers band, 'call me the breeze' and a rockin, smokin, yodeling 'jambalaya'. don was very happy, he feels good and strong enough that day and made it up on stage to do his part at the show. please pray for that great man. and sure we have the winters brothers band there. they are playin a very long show with a lot of great southern jamming, and hand made, down to earth southern rock. the southern belles show us, how they can sing and rock and tom crain joins the band with his excellent guitar playin. it was a fantastic, southern summer jam. cool , relaxed, laid back with a lot of great artists, a very cool audience and a lot of friends. i'll sure be back next year! god bless the winters family and fans.
george <>
vienna, austria -
Testing guestbook functionality. We're back up!
Webmaster <>
Lebanon, TN USA -


~Archived Posts~

Name: Buzz (Bob Busby)
E-mail address:
Comments: Donnie and Dennis. It's been 22 years since I showed up at Detroit's in Port Chester, NY in a wheelchair one week after major surgery. (My mom is still pissed about that one!) Don't know if you remember me (I'd imagine african american fans are pretty rare) but I still listen to your music frequently. I'm a dad now and want to know if and when you ever get out towards California. I'll be there! I'm so glad you're still together! I have a lot of catching up to do! Take care guys! Buzzzz
City,State,etc.: Northridge, CA

Saturday July 21st 2001 09:48:21 AM

Name: Eric Lewis-Southern Missouri Bluegrass
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hi guys,
I found your site on Charlie Daniel's site and thought i'd check it out..this is great I appreciate what you're doing with your music..we are a 20 yr veteren bluegrass band from southern Missouri..we have a live TV show on the internet and it is watched 24hrs 7dadys each week at; we would like for you to pull it
up and watch our live shows. at present we are the only ones on the net in the world having a full length live show on the net. Please look at our website and sign our guest book.
Thanks, Eric
City,State,etc.: West Plains MO USA

Wednesday July 18th 2001 04:28:33 PM

Name: Eric Lewis-Southern Missouri Bluegrass
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hi Guys,
I found your site on Charlie Danial's site and thought I'd check it out!! Boy you guys are really great. We are a 20 yr veteren bluegrass band from Southern Missouri and have played over the USA. We have a live TV show on the internet and it is watched
24hrs 7days each week at; at present we are the only ones in the world having a full length live TV show on the net. Hope you'll pull it up and watch it!! Please check out our website and sign our guest book!!
City,State,etc.: West Plains MO USA

Wednesday July 18th 2001 04:21:51 PM

Name: A fan
Comments: Your new Cd Southern Rockers is great, keep up the good work
City,State,etc.: Ohio

Thursday July 12th 2001 11:20:36 AM

Name: Pete
E-mail address:
Comments: I would like to know how to get WBB T-shirts . By the time I went to get a couple of them they were all sold out.

Saturday June 23rd 2001 03:23:25 PM

Name: Pete
E-mail address:
Comments: The Jam was really great .  Many thanks to the WBB and family for having this great event . I have been to most of the Pre Vol. Jam shows and the Farm shows also and I think I have brought a new fan to each show . This year we brought a friend from Mississippi. Every year when we get a new calander the Summer Jam is the first date we put on the calander .
City,State,etc.: Tn

Saturday June 23rd 2001 03:19:24 PM

Name: george
E-mail address:
Comments: hello y'awll.
the jam was awsome!!! everybody was not there missed a great party, with great rock and roll played in southern style, great food and fantastic people.
i am the luckyest man in the world with all my friends here in europe and in dixieland. i wanna say thank you to everybody, especial to dennis, popa don and the
winters family for let me be there, to my friends biggy and jonny and to my loving wife ceci for surprise me with the tiket and sending me over there.
i'll be back next year.
i love you all!
god bless
City,State,etc.: VIENNA, austria (but my heart is in tennessee)

Thursday June 21st 2001 07:47:17 AM

Name: sandi
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: I've loved your band for a number of years! Keep up the great music!
City,State,etc.: Mo

Wednesday June 20th 2001 05:38:16 AM

Name: Paulette
E-mail address: dfps44
Comments: The Winters Brothers have always rocked!!!!!DCurran E-mail me.
City,State,etc.: smyrna tn

Tuesday June 19th 2001 06:23:41 PM

Name: Ceci Blank
E-mail address:
Comments: Who says Southern Boys can't rock'n'roll? Someone who doesnt't have a clue, no doubt!
Wishin ya loads of fun for
the Jam, Ceci
City,State,etc.: Vienna, Austria

Saturday June 16th 2001 03:06:14 PM

Name: patsy Pirillo
E-mail address:
Comments: Hey Dennis and Donny Remember
parting in my apartment above
stan's iron horse in vernon
ny. if you ever get this way
give me a holler
City,State,etc.: mansfield tx 76063

Wednesday June 13th 2001 09:28:09 PM

Name: Rick Burke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hello Don,
I hope you rember me I played with you when I was working with Kebo In Feb. I hope everything is smooth and in the groove with u'all. See you at the jam. Peace ***Rick***
City,State,etc.: Coopertown TN.

Tuesday June 12th 2001 03:43:52 PM

Name: Mike Morano
E-mail address:
Comments: Great to find some
information aabout the WB
Band. Is there a way a can
purchase their first album on
CD? Please advise
City,State,etc.: Blasdell, NY 14219

Sunday June 10th 2001 09:14:11 PM

Name: John Priebe
Comments: Seen you guys in Cary,Il.
about 20 years ago. It was a
real small place (ski
Resort). It was the best !
Thought you guys didnt play
anymore until I found this
site. When I get time I will
check the site out more.
City,State,etc.: Bolingbrook , Il.

Sunday June 10th 2001 09:13:41 PM

Name: Martin Main
E-mail address:
Comments: Good luck for the summer
jam next week. I wish I
could be there. I guess I will
just have to read about it in
Marty Main
City,State,etc.: Miyazaki-City

Saturday June 9th 2001 07:11:39 AM

Name: the dude
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: hi folks, last time i was at
southerngeorge´s i have
listened to your music for
the first time. i love it. i
think he is the biggest fan
of you at all. greetings form
vienna dude
City,State,etc.: Vienna, Austria

Friday June 8th 2001 05:40:44 AM

Name: Kris Allen & Southern Thunder
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hey love your music and I
heard about your "Farm
Concert" cool we will be
there! We love your music!
Hey check out my band & music
at ,
We are country/southern rock
and working on my 3rd album
with the late great Keith
Whitley's producer Jim
Heffernan. Peace, Kris Allen
City,State,etc.: Nashville TN.

Friday June 8th 2001 04:04:36 AM

Name: Brecher
E-mail address:
Comments: Hey all - got the address
from george
who is the biggest fan of
your band in europe for sure.
He miss you all and he would
love to see your jam on the
16th....great homepage, good
music. take care
City,State,etc.: Vienna, Austria - Europe

Wednesday June 6th 2001 06:48:03 AM

Name: kevin daugherty
E-mail address:
Comments: Howdy boys...great to find
your webpage. I tune in to
your tv show often. Been
following you for many years,
remember hanging out with you
guys between classes while we
were all attending Father
Ryan in Nashville. Looking
forward to the Jam this
summer. Congrats on your new
release. Keep em coming !!
City,State,etc.: nashville, tn (hermitage)

Friday June 1st 2001 11:43:16 PM

Name: Debra
City,State,etc.: smyrna tn 37167

Wednesday May 30th 2001 12:26:43 PM

Name: Danny Joe
Comments: Comming up for the Jam with
some others. Looking forward
to the great jams on the farm.
City,State,etc.: South Fl.

Wednesday May 30th 2001 07:29:50 AM

Name: Mike Carmon
E-mail address:
Comments: I really enjoy your show on
the channel 19. What happened
to the older brother?
Ihaven't seen him on the last
few shows.
City,State,etc.: Nashville Tn

Friday May 18th 2001 02:19:42 AM

Name: george
E-mail address:
Comments: hello y'all, and greetings
from the other side of the
world. just wanna let you
know, i get the first part of
my WBB tattoo
yesterday....hope everything
is great on the farm. i miss
you all.
City,State,etc.: vienna, austria

Saturday May 12th 2001 08:59:03 AM

Name: Cork
Homepage URL:
Comments: Let's try that again.


Saturday May 12th 2001 03:29:24 AM

Name: Cork
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hey guys,

Just thought I'd let you know
I now have a couple of your
tunes up at HREF="
A program
called Morpheus. 100 times
better than Napster ever
thought of being. Had the
first download of one of your
tunes last night. Hell Yeah!!
City,State,etc.: Freuitport, MI

Saturday May 12th 2001 03:27:00 AM

Name: a big fan!!!!!
Comments: I just got done watching the
ACM Awards and was just
realizing that The Southern
Belles (Casey, Carly & Cody)
sing so much better than all
the new singers they have and
most of the older ones too. I
would love to see them up for
a newcomer award soon! I hope
they are gonna sing this year
at the Jam yall have every
year!! I am looking forward
to it!!!!! A devoted fan -
wanting to see yall get the
recognition you deserve!!!!
City,State,etc.: Tennessee

Wednesday May 9th 2001 08:34:36 PM

Name: Marissa Lovern
E-mail address:
Comments: ya'll are awesome man i just
saw ya'll on t.v.
City,State,etc.: Nashville, Tn

Saturday April 28th 2001 06:26:32 PM

Name: Barbara Carmichael

Tuesday April 17th 2001 09:47:21 AM

Name: morgan
E-mail address:
Comments: i just saw a guestbook entry
about how sang her love songs
was doin great on napster...
for a while now, ive been
trying to download winters
bros songs on napster,
nothing ever comes up...!!!!
City,State,etc.: garden city, ny

Sunday April 15th 2001 09:08:12 PM

Name: Morgan Fedele
E-mail address:
Comments: Hey everyone, im 14, my name
is morgan... i discovered the
winters brothers from my
dad... he said no one really
knew them, but he had saw
them in concert... he put on
a tape of them in the car,
and i loved them ever since
City,State,etc.: Garden City, Ny

Sunday April 15th 2001 09:01:47 PM

Name: Cork
Homepage URL:
Comments: He there,

Just doing the return visit
thing. Thought I'd let you
know the song "Sang her Love
Songs" is doing quite well on
Napster. Hell Yeah!! C-ya!!

City,State,etc.: Fruitport, MI USA

Friday April 13th 2001 02:57:13 AM

Name: Chris McCue
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: I just saw John Giles last
night with Leon Russell. I
mentioned that I loved your
debut album, and lo and
behold he said he had just
talked to you a few days
before, and that you are
together!!!! I can't wait to
get your new cd!!! Any chance
you may be playing ANYWHERE
near Kansas City!! I'd love
to see you live! Best of luck
to you!
City,State,etc.: Shawnee, Ks

Saturday March 31st 2001 12:52:39 AM

Name: Winters Brothers Band
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: The Winters Brothers Band
Annual Southern Summer Jam
Will be held on Saturday
June 16,2001 in Nolensville,TN
Email us for more Information
City,State,etc.: Nolensville,Tennessee

Wednesday March 28th 2001 10:06:23 AM

Name: Bobbie Jo Dolan
E-mail address:
Comments: I,m DAWG's daughter!
City,State,etc.: nashville,TN

Saturday March 17th 2001 06:34:50 PM

Name: Rocky Patterson
E-mail address:
Comments: Hey Donnie, Dennis and Band.
Congradulations on your
success with the show. Sure
do enjoy yall. Creekers Live
On!!! The Winters Brothers
Band is a hot mix of great
music, good time feelins, and
pretty back up singers. Keep
on truckin.
City,State,etc.: West Nashville, TN

Thursday March 15th 2001 08:44:10 PM

3093, WINCHESTER, VA. 22604-
2293 OR CALL ME AT (540)877-
City,State,etc.: POBOX 3093, WINCHESTER,, VA., 22604-2293 (540)877-2293 (HOME PHONE #)

Monday March 12th 2001 07:29:17 AM

Name: ed young
E-mail address: ebjeb
Comments: hey guys
we used to warm you guys up
in the area here ih saratoga
we were and still are ebjeb
cant wait to here your cd.
City,State,etc.: saratoga n.y.

Friday March 9th 2001 08:35:20 PM

Thursday March 8th 2001 04:07:51 PM

Name: bfalchi
E-mail address:
Comments: Remember The Red Rail in
nanuet new york in the 70's??
where can I purchase the
first album??
City,State,etc.: holly springs,north carolina via rockland county new york

Sunday March 4th 2001 05:45:44 PM

Name: eddie cash
E-mail address:
Comments: Dennis & Donnie, just found
your site.Man, I haven't seen
you guys in years.We played a
show together in
Auburndale,Fl. in the late
seventies at a football
stadium.And a few years later
at a venue in Lakeland,
Fl.Would love to hear from
you guys.Let us know when you
come to Florida, you've got
to check out the Music Ranch.
City,State,etc.: lakeland,fl. 33801

Saturday March 3rd 2001 08:14:45 PM

Name: Rodrigo Almeida
E-mail address:
Comments: My friend from Austria,
Southern George, introduced
me to this fantastic band.
Guys, keep rockin!!
City,State,etc.: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Friday February 23rd 2001 06:07:58 AM

Name: mike heaney
E-mail address:
Comments: wow i never though i hear of
you guys again. i got your
first album it awesome .i saw
you in concert three
times.once with cdb,mtb and by
yourself at a night club in
conn. i was a rhody for the
band that open for you (THE
its still one of my favoite
albums every song is good.
City,State,etc.: conn

Thursday February 22nd 2001 05:13:35 PM

Name: mike heaney
E-mail address: mheaney
Comments: wow i never though i hear of
you guys again. i got your
first album it awesome .i saw
you in concert three
times.once with cdb,mtb and by
yourself at a night club in
conn. i was a rhody for the
band that open for you (THE
its still one of my favoite
albums every song is good.
City,State,etc.: conn

Thursday February 22nd 2001 05:13:04 PM

Name: Cain
Comments: I just wanted to tell you that
you guys rock, yall are the
best. Let me know when your
next gig is
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying to
see yall again, I love yall so
much keep on rockin' baby!!!
City,State,etc.: TN

Sunday February 18th 2001 03:01:17 PM

Name: Lisa Tuttle
E-mail address:
City,State,etc.: Plainfield, IN 46168

Friday February 16th 2001 08:17:42 PM

Name: Kathy Benner
E-mail address:

Friday February 16th 2001 09:39:10 AM

E-mail address: MHCG1@AOL.COM
Homepage URL:
City,State,etc.: PLEASANT VALLEY, NY

Wednesday February 14th 2001 12:06:31 PM

Name: Dino
Comments: Gene Watson if you see this Email me back something was wrong with your Email address
From: Nolensville, TN.
  May 17, 2000 19:20:00 (GMT Time)

Name: chad bone/ JOSTENS
HomePage: http://
Comments: I met Carly and her sister at Page High School and they told me to look at this site. I'll have to get the CD now. Good luck. See you next year. chad
From: shelbyville, tn
  May 17, 2000 03:15:17 (GMT Time)

Name: gene & cindy watson
Email: www.gunsnroses5
HomePage: http://
Comments: It's been a long time. We don't know what to say because we're not sure that we are talking to who we want to talk to!!!! This is Gene. I've finally found you (I hope!!!). Donnie, Dennis, Papa Don, and of course Joyce always made me feel like part of the family. I miss you all and think of you often. Please try to get in touch with us. Love always, Gene & Cindy Watson
From: Salisbury, Maryland
  May 16, 2000 07:17:52 (GMT Time)

Name: gene & cindy watson
Email: www.gunsnroses5
HomePage: http://
Comments: It's been a long time. We don't know what to say because we're not sure that we are talking to who we want to talk to!!!! This is Gene. I've finally found you (I hope!!!). Donnie, Dennis, Papa Don, and of course Joyce always made me feel like part of the family. I miss you all and think of you often. Please try to get in touch with us. Love always, Gene & Cindy Watson
From: Salisbury, Maryland
  May 16, 2000 06:42:07 (GMT Time)

Name: Clay Mac
HomePage: http://
  May 15, 2000 22:33:31 (GMT Time)

Name: Pete
HomePage: http://
Comments: Self proclaimed number 1 WBB fan . I am ordring the new cd today . For those of you that have not been to the WBB JAM the day before fathers day every year ;Where the hell have you been ? I would love to know where you are playing ,I would show up .
From: Great state of TENNESSEE !!!
  May 15, 2000 01:50:18 (GMT Time)

Name: Breno Almeida Santos
HomePage: http://
Comments: Hi friends, i am a big fan! I have your first lp and love all the songs. It is one of the bests albums i've listened. Good surprise find out about your website after two years searching. I'm a Southern Rock freak and WBB is among my favorites(longside Skynyrd, Outlaws, Allmans and Charlie Daniels Band). Hope one day i can see you guys live. Keep up the good work!
From: Brazil
  May 13, 2000 02:15:52 (GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
  May 12, 2000 21:41:20 (GMT Time)

Name: Rick Miller
HomePage: http://
Comments: I read your comments about touring with the Outlaws in the 70s. I am an origional Outlaws fan from Tampa. I went to college there from 72-74 and saw them dozens of times. Unfortunately, I have never heard your stuff, but am looking forward to it. Rick Miller. P.S.- do you ever tour around the Phoenix, AZ area? We have a lot of southern rockers here too!!
From: origionally-Lakeland, FL, now in Phoenix, AZ
  May 11, 2000 23:01:29 (GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments: HEY, great news for those of you that are fans in Nashville!!! The Southern Rockers CD is for sale at Tower Records at the new Opry Mills mall!!!
From: TN
  May 11, 2000 21:07:57 (GMT Time)

Name: Kenneth
HomePage: http://
Comments: Get well soon David!!!!! We love that southern rock in the south of Sweden. Kenneth
From: Helsingborg,Sweden
  May 10, 2000 17:16:18 (GMT Time)

HomePage: http://
Comments: HEYHEYHEY!!! Next Month Boys!!! The Jam is ALWAYS the day BEFORE fathers day!! I can't wait to party down in the "VILLE". SEE YA next month boys, listen to the CD everyday!!! I'll have seconds please!!!
From: TN
  May 7, 2000 20:17:19 (GMT Time)

Name: Carolyn Campbell (Lester)
HomePage: http://
Comments: I am Michael Lester's sister and I have your first album. My sister, Renee, told me of your site and it is great. Thanks for the great music.
From: Hermitage, TN
  May 5, 2000 04:10:13 (GMT Time)

Name: Rick Long
HomePage: http://
Comments: and partied with the band. I was the one yelling to hear "Laredo". I especially remember Gene the bassist and Otis(?) the drummer. I never heard of the band again until today. What a hoot! Hope everyone is in good health and I toast to the great memories.
From: Western New York State
  May 3, 2000 14:21:08 (GMT Time)

Name: Rick Long
HomePage: http://
Comments: I've been waiting to find a WBB CD for many years and I eagerly await its arrival. In 1977 I attended Rochester Institute of Tech. (RIT), was a fan of the first WBB album, and worked security for the RIT concert committee. My favorite concert was in April of that year featuring the WBB, Dickey Betts and Great Southern, plus The Charlie Daniels Band. Can you tell we enjoyed good southern rock? That Summer, the WBB returned to play a bar in Rochester for a two night gig. We attended both nights
From: Western New York State
  May 3, 2000 14:19:40 (GMT Time)

Name: Shawn Stickney
Comments: Congratulations on a great site! from your former drummer......see you guys at the jam!! PS: You now have a link on my site to this site.
From: From TN living in Atlanta
  May 2, 2000 20:18:38 (GMT Time)

Name: bo
Comments: hey cool site looks great!stop by my site if you like skynyrd !!!!!!!!!!!
From: fla
  April 25, 2000 00:01:32 (GMT Time)

Name: Dino
Email: WinBroBand
Comments: The Winters Brothers Band Annual Southern Summer Jam Is Set for June 17 On the farm near Nolensville, Tennessee For more info Email WinBroBand Thank You
From: Nolensville,TN.
  April 23, 2000 19:12:25 (GMT Time)

Name: Kevin Johns
HomePage: http://
From: CT.
  April 19, 2000 15:06:07 (GMT Time)

Name: Collin Lefeber
HomePage: http://
Comments: WBB: That must be my older cousin (country boy) from Florida. Looks like he likes it.
  April 17, 2000 23:26:53 (GMT Time)

Name: Matt Lefeber
HomePage: http://
Comments: Alright !!!
From: Florida
  April 17, 2000 23:00:19 (GMT Time)

Name: Craig Childers
HomePage: http://
Comments: Hello, Got the CD this week and I want everyone to know that this is one of the best music I have heard in a long time and If you like good Southern Rock then you will enjoy this CD. Keep up the great tunes WBB and come out to the West Coast we like it Southern Too!!
From: Redding,Ca
  April 17, 2000 04:27:15 (GMT Time)

Name: Drew
HomePage: http://
Comments: Let's see more of those hot Winters Girls.
  April 16, 2000 01:30:23 (GMT Time)

Name: Mike Morrison
HomePage: http://
Comments: Southern Rock makes for a blue sky everyday
From: Southern Massachusetts
  April 14, 2000 20:51:40 (GMT Time)

Name: Ronda Edenton Jarrett
HomePage: http://
Comments: "Rockin" cuzins
From: Goodlettsville
  April 11, 2000 23:56:48 (GMT Time)

Name: Hannah
HomePage: http://
Comments: I just want yall to know that I got yalls new CD and it is ASS KICKING Southern Rock! Love the JAMS stuff, read some great reviews in "GRITZ", "SKYDOGS", and "Ulli's rock reviews! Looks like yall are helping the South to do it again!!! Thanks for the great MUSIC, keep up the great work. P.s. What day in June is your Southern Summer Jam?
From: Texas
  April 11, 2000 22:29:02 (GMT Time)

Name: carey johnston
HomePage: http://
Comments: I have not heard of you before!! But the bands you have toured with i have seen many times.Can't wait until i hear some of your music. FREEBIRD FOREVER!!!!
From: Meridian,Mississippi
  April 9, 2000 22:31:34 (GMT Time)

Name: bernie hall
HomePage: http://
Comments: hey it's good to hear that i'm not the only band that keeps southern rock on the current side. my band is "HALLWAY" with new material all the time i am currently working on a cd recording well'long live southern rock keep it happening bernie "hallway"
From: lorain county,ohio
  April 8, 2000 19:08:43 (GMT Time)

Name: A L Haines
Comments: Dennis, Excellent site my Friend. Its really great to hear your back touring and i sincerley hope your new album Southern Rockers is a huge success. PS Thanks for joining our webring too, always glad to have the best among our ranks. A.L Haines, Moderator & Owner of The Southern Rockers club @ONElist, Southern Rockers Webring & Free Southern Rockers E-mail accounts.
From: Everywhere and Here
  April 8, 2000 16:54:58 (GMT Time)

Name: Steven Spencer
Email: Steve Spencer@Lynyrd
HomePage: http://
Comments: sounds good keep up the good work. when will you be around Cleveland OH?
From: OH
  April 8, 2000 00:34:10 (GMT Time)

Name: Ralf Frank
Comments: Hi, thanx for beeing back after over 20 years and better than ever :) Great new album, it rocks !!! Meet me on the german southern rock mailing list :) cu Ralf
From: Germany
  April 6, 2000 10:59:54 (GMT Time)

Name: jeff dell
HomePage: http://
Comments: i love this family
From: nashville
  April 6, 2000 02:09:38 (GMT Time)

Name: Eliza Hall
Comments: First time listener - love the music! Looking forward to hearing the cd. When and where are you playing around Nashville? Keep jammin' guys!
From: Nashville, TN
  April 5, 2000 16:51:58 (GMT Time)

Name: New Yorker by Way of California
HomePage: http://
Comments: Oh fine...I check out Cool Springs on April 1st in Nashville (WHERE I WAS) - WBB was supposed to be playing? You were not...bummed. ahhh, maybe next time. :-)
  April 4, 2000 20:50:26 (GMT Time)

Name: tony 'texas'zwienenberg
HomePage: http://
Comments: i love the new album very the 1st album on cd too?
From: holland
  April 2, 2000 08:18:27 (GMT Time)

Name: renee patterson (lester)
HomePage: http://
Comments: you guys probably don't remember way back when. michael lester was with you guys doing something, i forget it's been a while. me and my sister, carolyn, still have your first album.
From: hermitage, tn
  April 2, 2000 03:04:28 (GMT Time)

Name: rod davis
HomePage: http://
Comments: Hey Dennis!your a natural born comedian, when are you going to start doing stand up?Just kidding,GREAT MUSIC!!!Hope I get an invite to the summer jam this year(my dream)Love to meet you guys finnaly.
From: the south forever
  March 31, 2000 09:36:41 (GMT Time)

Name: Collin Lefeber
HomePage: http://
Comments: I liked the new cd called southern rockers!
  March 29, 2000 01:39:12 (GMT Time)

Name: kENNY D.
HomePage: http://
  March 28, 2000 00:41:06 (GMT Time)

Name: Dave Lefeber
HomePage: http://
Comments: Everybody who has purchased the new WBB's CD appears to like it very much. I encourage everybody to pick the phone up & contact your local FM rock station and request some airplay.. I've done it, BTW how many times can one listen to " Magaretville". "Keep on Running"......
From: Northern CT
  March 27, 2000 20:38:31 (GMT Time)

Name: Nancy Harlan ASA (Moan-A)
HomePage: http://
Comments: Love the CD and I'm nuts about the whole family as well. You guys are the best.
From: Music City via New Jersey
  March 27, 2000 18:27:52 (GMT Time)

Name: Smokin Joe Meholick
From: DuBois Pa
  March 26, 2000 15:00:53 (GMT Time)

Name: Greg and Lana
HomePage: http://
Comments: We love your show, and try to watch it as often as we can. Please tell us where and when you'll be performing next.
From: Nashville
  March 26, 2000 03:31:07 (GMT Time)

Name: george
HomePage: http://none
Comments: see you in dixieland this summer. god bless. george
  March 25, 2000 17:23:53 (GMT Time)

Name: Gina
HomePage: http://
Comments: You guys are the best and the music lives on in all of us and I know there'll be a lot of us on the highways headin' out to shows, but we still gotta watch for those smokeys on the side of 103..Love y'all
From: Heaven and hell(N.Y.)
  March 24, 2000 18:02:26 (GMT Time)

Name: Ralf Wittemund
Email: wittemund
HomePage: http://
Comments: hallo friends Thank you for the mail.It´s a very nice homepage.have a very good time by making the music. Greetings from germany your ralf
From: Germany 58840 plettenberg, dermke 1
  March 23, 2000 20:15:03 (GMT Time)

Name: Captain
HomePage: http://
Comments: If the world famous dog says its good I'm gonna buy it. Can't wait to hear it. She never knew....
From: poconos
  March 23, 2000 11:14:51 (GMT Time)

Name: doug gray
Comments: I love the cd .thanks for some great songs keep up the good work!!!!!!!! and stay in touch..
From: out of this world
  March 23, 2000 02:28:56 (GMT Time)

Name: todd bond
HomePage: http://
Comments: hey guys! i love your band and your show!
From: nashville, tn
  March 22, 2000 01:05:55 (GMT Time)

Name: steve ballew
Comments: Glad to see you guys rockin, always loved your music. Maybe we'll get to do a show together sometime. Chek out our site. Keep rockin and best wishes, steve
From: dalton ga.
  March 20, 2000 02:54:44 (GMT Time)

Name: steve ballew
Comments: Glad to see you guys rockin, always loved your music. Maybe we'll get to do a show together sometime. Chek out our site. Keep rockin and best wishes, steve
From: dalton ga.
  March 20, 2000 02:25:51 (GMT Time)

Name: Felix
HomePage: http://
Comments: Being a yankey doesn"t mean i don"t know good music you influenced the shit out of me as a musician along with all the other southern bands......thank you drop us a line.......Felix
From: Pennsylvania
  March 20, 2000 01:17:48 (GMT Time)

Name: Steven
HomePage: http://
Comments: Kick Ass Web Site Ya'll. Love the music I grew up to. Keep it coming. TRUE Southern Rock-n-Roll.
From: Lyles Tennessee
  March 19, 2000 04:29:48 (GMT Time)

Name: A Fan
HomePage: http://
Comments: wow you guys rock!
From: california
  March 19, 2000 03:01:33 (GMT Time)

Name: Angela Sandusky
Comments: I like your site. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best.
From: Savannah, TN
  March 18, 2000 03:53:58 (GMT Time)

Name: Scott Collins
HomePage: http://
Comments: Just wait til the South rises Again!!!!!
From: Scott
  March 17, 2000 22:34:11 (GMT Time)

Name: Mike Ryan
Comments: Hey guys, thanx for the great music you've done, and what you will in the future. Hope to see ya'll soon!!
From: Mike
  March 17, 2000 18:45:23 (GMT Time)

Name: Matt Hoff
Email: Dkota@sunline
HomePage: http://
Comments: sweeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Punta Gorda FL.
  March 17, 2000 01:51:24 (GMT Time)

Name: A Fan
HomePage: http://
Comments: rockin!
From: s carolina
  March 17, 2000 01:47:56 (GMT Time)

Name: Kevin Finical
HomePage: http://
Comments: Can't wait to here ya.
  March 16, 2000 14:41:33 (GMT Time)

Name: Gary Lynn Allen
Comments: Hey Guys..I was the drummer for PUSH, The CDB lots more:-) Long time no see. Otis was your drummer last time we worked together! Worked for years with JJ Cale, back in town and ready to rock! Keep Trucking...
From: Loud Music, Inc.
  March 16, 2000 14:24:11 (GMT Time)

Name: Tim
Comments: Website looks great! I bet ya'll are pretty a pretty hot band. I would love to get the chance to check ya out sometime. Nutin' better than good old ASS Kickin' Southern Rock! Keep Rockin' Tim
From: Chattanooga,Tennessee
  March 16, 2000 13:54:02 (GMT Time)

Name: Weston P. Guillory Sr
Comments: Looks like ya'll are a cool band. Hope ya'll can make it out to Lafayette, LA. one day so I can go check ya'll out. Call Susan at Grant Street Dance Hall here in Lafayette, she'll find a way to get ya'll booked. PEACE
From: Dippy
  March 16, 2000 10:41:47 (GMT Time)

Name: chieko
Comments: I love country music and seek love country music pal and linking me.
From: japan
  March 16, 2000 07:35:33 (GMT Time)

Name: Skydog
Comments: WELCOME BACK ! It just don't get any better than this...the South's gonna rise again. Maybe living thru Disco and rap was worth it after all !
  March 16, 2000 03:32:02 (GMT Time)

Name: Mama Blue Fritz
Comments: Rockin' Blues...aint nothin' better! Great Web Page, too.
From: Green Bay, Wisconsin
  March 16, 2000 03:00:55 (GMT Time)

Name: Micah
Comments: Great site
  March 16, 2000 01:54:37 (GMT Time)

Comments: great site.
From: memphis,tn
  March 16, 2000 01:44:24 (GMT Time)

Name: Tim Brown
HomePage: http://
Comments: If you guy's are ever in North Carolina and want to check out some real raw rock and roll with a down home feel, just e-mail us, and we'll send you some date's! ROCK ON DADDY - TTB -


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